About The Within Family Consortium

Aims and objectives Aims

  • To undertake within family analyses across all available studies that have sampled related individuals.

The consortium aims to help undertake projects using datasets of related individuals. Many of these projects require a lot of data, and more samples than are available in any one study. Therefore the best way to conduct these studies is to run analyses in all available studies, that have capacity to contribute. The model we are currently using is to distribute automated scripts and pipelines to studies to minimize the requirement for analyst time at each study, this federated model all removes the need to transfer data between institutions and countries.

Executive & Steering Committees

We have established Executive & Steering Committees to oversee the development and management of the Within Family Consortium. The Executive Committee comprises:

Neil Davies, Laurence Howe, Gibran Hemani, Tim Morris, Ben Brumpton, and Alexandra Havdahl

The Steering Group comprises:

George Davey Smith, Peter Visscher, Per Magnus, Marcus Munafó, Camilla Stoltenberg, Bjørn Åsvold, David Evans, Sarah Medland, Dan Benjamin, Philipp Koellinger, Melinda Mills, Jonathan Beauchamp, Jaakko Kaprio, Caroline Hayward, Archie Campbell, Andrew McIntosh, Zhengming Chen, Iona Millwood, Karl Heilbron, Michel Nivard, and Emla Fitzsimons.